Oya Pomegranate Flowers Lariat - Pink and Fuchsia

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This hand crafted needle lace lariat is 61" - 67" in length. Hand stitched using the techniques of crochet, needle-lace and tatting. Each necklace has 12 flowers. Style the necklace by wrapping around the neck once, twice or three times to form a floral vine look. You can also style by folding the necklace in half, wrapping from the back of the neck to the front and slipping the tails through the folded loop.

"Oya" refers to the needle-lace crafts made in Turkey since the 15 century. It is used as an embellishment for clothing, home textiles, and most commonly as edging for headscarves. Traditionally, these colorful, charming motifs have a symbolic language used as secret communication between family members. They are known to express feelings of joy, sadness, loneliness, jealousy or a myriad of other emotions. This oya jewelry piece is a celebration of the centuries-old lace making tradition adapted into contemporary jewelry and works of art made by the women in Turkey today.

  • Hand Made In Turkey
  • Combination of crochet, needle-lace and tatting.
  • 61"-67" In Length
  • 12 Flowers Per Necklace